Factors Considered When You Want to Survive on Desert: The Gear

Suvivival Gear

For those of you who love outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, adventure in nature, or the like, then you certainly very understand about gear required. Or you want to survive on desert, you need something that could help you. One of the important equipment is survival gear called hunting knife which can help you with a variety of purposes. It is for cooking, putting up tents, chopping trees, sharpening sticks, and others. Here are some considerations to keep in mind in choosing a survival knife.

Requirement for a good survival knife is easily accessible. It is because in the real world, survival knife is useful precisely at the moment we do not expect including when you want to survive on desert. The mobility factors also need to be considered. The survival knife that we carry everywhere, to the camper, in a car, hiking, fishing, it cannot be far away from us, wherever the adventure may be waiting because sometimes it’s the least we can rely on survival gear called hunting knife to maintain viability.

  1. Tang

Tang knife is part of the knife that extends into the handle. Pliers and a knife is one solid piece of steel. Full tang blade, or tang that extends up to the base of the handle, is considered as the best survival knife. Full tang blade provides the entire force. On some models of knives with hollow handles, and at cheap knives, pliers knife are only installed on the handle so it easily loose ends, and the ends of the handle may break.

  1. Handle

Survival gear called hunting knife handle is made of various materials, ranging from wood, hard rubber, metals, and polymers. One model is the handle that has a cavity to keep something. For examples are lighters, hook, yarn, and some small appliances survival, including cheap compass. Although this feature is interesting, but there are several reasons to avoid the knife like this. The reason is that the handle of the knife and pliers will be easier slack for heavy usage such as cutting hardwoods.

  1. The blade (Metal)

Survival gear called hunting knife usually consists of two types of steel: Stainless steel or Carbon. Here are the main considerations to choose which one you prefer.

    • Stainless Steel is more resistant to corrosion. Virtually indestructible, it is able to withstand blows and last a long time without rusting. However, many people say that stainless steel knives easily lose sharpness more than carbon steel.

    • Carbon steel blade is usually known to have a better advantage than stainless steel, but it will be more easily rust.

  1. Design of knife

Straight or serrated knife will work better for cutting wood and is much easier to clean and sharpen survival gear called hunting knife. A nice smooth stone can even be used to straighten the knife if no grindstone, while the serrated edge almost always requires special sharpener. Even some knives have a serrated dorsal quite small which requires a brush to clean it.

  1. The length of the blade

Survival knife has a length of between 15 cm prevalent, even up to 30 cm. Knives that are too short will make it difficult for certain jobs, such as cutting wood or bamboo. Of course, it will be easier with an ax or a chainsaw. However, in conditions of adventure, outdoor gear is very rarely taken. If the survival gear called hunting knife is too long, it would be less practical.

  1. Thickness of blade

A good general rule is approximately 5 mm – 6:25 mm for survival knife. Sufficient thickness is able to withstand the current load of timber cutting and gouging. You certainly do not want to have survival knife that is easily bent or broken.

  1. Gloves knife

Sheath will affect a lot about how to bring in and pulled a knife. There are three functional features being considered at sheath outdoor purposes.

  • Extra tip – Some kind of knife sheaths have a tip that can be fitted with some kind of rope or a belt that can be tied to the thigh.

  • Belts. The survival gear called hunting knife will be freely taken if it has a sheath which has a slot in the belt. Even has a hole for the rope if you want to hang on a duffle bag.

  • Safety, in the form of a small belt with studs or small straps, or fastening mechanism that prevents the blade from falling in or out of the holster. Model security affects the ease, or the speed of the blade drawn from its sheath.

Some other considerations are the material sheath. They are wood, leather, metal plate, rubber, fiberglass, or other. Security considerations of survival gear called hunting knife are aesthetics and comfort plays a role here. Sheath is made of hard material to facilitate you when entering and pulled a knife. It is also more secure for holding to avoid injuring the body. However, it has a larger size dimension. While the gloves made of leather, rubber, and the like are more lenient and look thin, but more difficult in inserting the blade. Protection against sharp ends of the body is relatively less hurt.

The Important Lifesaving Tips To Survive On Desert

Do you want to make a trip on desert? You need to read this article to find important things when making a desert trip. You should know how to survive on desert. The first important thing is you should not forget to share your plans. You should leave some information to your close friend or family member, like the route and destination, communication methods, type of emergency supplies, traveling companions, your vehicle description, and your potential health issues. Do not change your plans without telling someone. Leaving a map and telling the time you expect to come back is also important.

Important Desert Lifesaving Tips

Do not hinge on your mobile phone. Your mobile phones do not always work well in isolated areas. You need to check your service provider to confirm the coverage areas. It is better for you to load the apps that can help you in an emergency. You can bring power bank to charge the battery. You can also consider renting or buying a satellite phone. Satellite phone is also known as satphone. It is a mobile phone that can directly communicate with orbiting satellites. It has a large telescopic antenna. This device can work better than cell phone. To get a reliable connection, it may need a wide-ranging view of the sky. There are 2 satellite networks that cover the United States, Iridium and Globestar. You can use a ham radio as alternative option. Ham radio is able to work from extremely remote locations. But, it needs a government license, training and informed gear selection.

Buying a PLB (personal locator beacon) is also nice idea to survive on desert. This device can be used when all tools fail. Personal locator beacon is small transmitter. You can send a tailored emergency distress signal to the close rescue service. It is very effective and globally recognized as a way of calling for help. But, it should be used only in serious situations.

You should make sure that your vehicle is appropriate for desert terrain. Your vehicle should have offroad capability to make easier trip. You should be skilled to drive an off-road vehicle in hard terrain. Offroad driving needs proper vehicle and skill to handle the rough areas. Several problems in dessert come from a vehicle that breaks down because of ill repair. Check your vehicle and ensure that it is in good condition. Check the hoses, spare fan belts, spare tire, extra water, extra gas, and oil. Do not forget to bring extra fuel.

Prepare enough food and water for each people who are traveling with you. Recommended measure is a gallon for each person each day. Certainly, more water is better. If it is not used, you can drink it at your home. But, if you do not have adequate water to drink on your trip, it can be a problem. Soda is not a good option to drink since it can easily dehydrate person drinking it. When your water is limited, you should keep close your mouth. You should limit our activity. Do not drink soda or alcohol, smoke, talk, or eat salty food. Do not forget to prepare enough first aid supplies. Bring more medication than less. Prepare regular medicine and specific medicine that needed.

If you get trapped, you need to stay with your vehicle. Staying with your vehicle can help you get the help from others. You can be detected easily from the air if you are staying with your vehicle. Moreover, you can use the part of your vehicle to ask for help. You can use hubcaps, mirrors, hood, light, oil, gas, and battery to survive on desert. You can raise the trunk and hood to show distress. You can also use the floor mat to layer the ground. You can leave your vehicle if you are sure about your location and the route. When leaving your vehicle, do not forget to leave a note. Give information about yourself, the time you left, and the route that you plan.

How To Survive On Desert

Do you love adventure? There are many spots around the world that will give you great experience. If you like challenge, desert adventure will give you nice experience. There are only a few people who have courage to make a desert trip. There will be certain pride if you can explore the great nature of desert.

But, you need preparation and knowledge to survive on desert. At this article, I will show you several great tips for desert survival. Desert journey is not an easy thing. You should prepare all survival things well. You need enough knowledge to minimize the bad things. You should read and learn these tips to make your journey more convenience.

How to Survive On Desert

You should tell someone where you are going. Anytime you plan to make a trip, you need to tell someone. Also carrying a lightweight compound bow will help with travel. This is a clever survival tip for an outdoor adventure. Tell someone who want to notice if you go missing. You can tell to your close friend or family member. They will care to contact the authorities when you are missing. Let them know when you are going and when you will be back. When something terrible happens, your family member or close friend will alert the rescuers. They will have a specific area to focus the search attempts.

composite bowYou should know how to make a solar still. Solar stuff is useful to survive on desert If you want to travel in a desert, store some thin plastic in your survival pack. Thin plastic can give you an ability to make a solar still. If you can make a solar still, it means you can collect much-needed water. Solar stills are creative and simple survival devices. Heat will enter through the plastic and get. The moisture in the soil will be forced by increasing heat to vaporize. There will be a trapped humid atmosphere under the plastic. At night, the temperatures will drop. At this time, the moisture will condense on the plastic. You can collect condensed water if you set up the solar stills properly.

Cactus water is not a good option. It is better for you to avoid drinking cactus water. Drinking cactus water can make you severely sick. You can get diarrhea. And we know that diarrhea will accelerate the dehydration process. It will make your condition getting worse. Actually, there are some useful and edible plants in the desert. It is better for you to take time to learn the plants before making a trip to desert. You need to know and memorize the characteristics of edible plants in the desert.

Don’t leave your vehicle. If you are trapped in a desert with your vehicle, don’t easily decide to leave it. Remember you have your compound bow or composite bow to help protect you from any wild animals if you don’t have shelter.

Moreover, you know that civilization is a few miles away. Your vehicle can help you since it is full of helpful survival items. You can use the vehicle mirror to shine bright the sunlight. It can be a sign for the rescuers. You can also use diesel or gas to make fire. Gas is extremely explosive, so you can use it for extreme care toward dangerous animal. You can make the black smoke by burning engine oil at daylight hours. Smoke is good sign for asking help. Loud noises from horn will catch attention from others who are near your area. You can raise the hood of your vehicle. Raised hood indicates someone who needs a help. The roof of your vehicle can keep you out of the sun while waiting for help. Do not forget to open the window and door to make better circumstance. Your vehicle provides useful items to survive on desert.

Pay attention to several dangerous animals. A rattlesnake is very dangerous. You should be careful about the places that you choose to rest. Carefully look into the area you plan to sit or sleep. Pay attention to the place where you are sitting down and make sure you are safe from scorpions. Many people fear scorpions but scorpion stings in the desert are rare.

You should realize that you can get cold in the desert at night. You need to check the weather forecast before your trip. Prepare a few extra warm clothes can be important thing to survive on desert (for sudden chilly desert nights).

Crucial Things To Survive On Desert

In Saudi Arabia, many people are wearing hoods and robes. This loose fitting clothing is appropriate choice in desert area. It will keep your body cool, especially when walking and sweaty. Black robe is considered as the best outfits for traveling through a hot desert. We can learn from an ethnic group of Arabic desert nomads, Bedouin. They wear black clothing to survive on desert.

Previously, you may don’t understand why the Bedouin wear the layers of black clothing. The condition on desert area is very hot. It can reach 49o C with no shade. Their tents are also black. You may think that white color reflects the sunlight. Yes, you are right. But, it will also reflect a body heat right back to the body.

On the other hand, black color will absorb sunlight, but it will also absorb your body heat. The average Bedouin lives with one liter of water a day. Bedouin are protecting their body from ultraviolet and keeping their moisture with their black clothing.

Finally, for a loose robe and hood, black is the better color than white to wear in the desert.

Crucial Things To Survive On Desert

You need to have a black robe if you want to make on foot journey across a desert. You can choose a robe that is made of wool. Where do you get the black robe? You can get the black robe for your extreme survival in some Arabic stores and suppliers. You can fold the robe and take it in your pack. When the condition is getting hot, you should put the robe. If you cannot find thick black robe, you can use light-colored and lightweight clothes to survive. The Bedouin make their clothing from the wool of goats, sheep, and camels to survive on desert. At night, they pull the clothing tightly to the body. Wool clothing can maintain a body warm at night in the desert. During the day, the wool clothing should be worn loosely to allow the air. The air will flow easily and keep a body cool during the daytime.

You need to make a research before you get on the desert area. You can talk to geologists, ranchers, wildlife offices, and people who know the area. Ask them if there are any underground springs near the surface anywhere. Mark the spot on your map. You should also study the terrain and vegetation on your maps. The lines of green vegetation may indicate a dry stream.

A trail across a hot desert is dangerous. You should be careful in every step. The weather and terrain may kill you if you do not have enough preparation. If you plan on crossing a desert, you should be prepared well. The failure of your plan can easily end your life. Sometimes, you may find high wind. Dust and sand can be whipped up. This condition may make you nearly impossible to see. Your lips and your face can become chapped. Dust and sand can fill your nose, so you will be difficult to breathe. In this condition, you can try to be like Bedouin. The Bedouin will pull their hoods forward and cover their faces when there is high wind. You can do that to protect your face. You can also use a bandanna or shirt to cover your face. You just need to leave a small shade of space for your eyes. You can also put Ski goggles into your survival pack. This item can play an important role in the desert. It is not only protecting you from snowfall. It can also protect your eyes from sand and dust.

Water is a supreme priority when you will be anywhere near the desert. The best sources of fresh water are stream and spring. But, they may be hard to find in vast stretches of desert. The available streams may be underground. Water can be so rare and deserts are dry and so hot. You may find lakes in the desert. But they may have high salt content. The water should be distilled first to remove any salt. When drinking water in the desert, you need to take a long drink. Take longer drink rather than sipped the water to survive on desert. Taking sips of water in the desert that has very hot temperatures is not enough to hydrate your internal organs and your brain. This case can lead to death.

When the desert is too hot during the day, it would be best to make a journey at night. It is good idea to survive on desert. At night, the temperature will drop. You need to build a small desert shelter early in the morning to take a rest during the hot day in the desert. Give a small opening at the top and at the bottom for air to regulate. You should build a shelter nearby the hill. If you want to minimize the physical work, search for boulders, outcroppings, or ledges that can work as natural walls. You just need to use a poncho as a roof.

Survive on Dessert by Collecting Water

Desert Survival

When driving or walking across the desert, the road looks endless. There is nothing at all for many kilometers. There is nothing except desert plants, dry sand, and hot temperatures. If your car is damaged, and you find yourself stuck in the desert, learn how to conserve water and survive until someone saves you from the stuck. The desert is one of the most dangerous places on earth because the heat and the sun keep the body hydrated so your metabolism comes into chaos and leads to death. Death is often caused by dehydration. Besides, the desert is cold at night. As we know, we can survive on dessert without food for three months, but you cannot survive without water more than one week. Therefore, what would we do if we run out of water in the desert?

In fact God has provided water in all parts of this earth. The difference is, there is readily available water and there are scarce. Here are tips to get water in the desert.

  1. If we are stranded along the camel, let the camel to take control of the direction being taken. It is because usually camels have a strong instinct to find water

  2. If you do not find water while the water supply has been exhausted to survive on dessert, it is absolutely necessary to kill a camel. It is because the camel has a reserve of water, so it can help us to survive much longer.

  3. If we are stranded in the desert and there are cactuses, we could take water from the cactus. However, you have to be careful with thorns.

  4. If we are stranded without a camel and there is no cactus, then do the following tricks to get water.

  • Create a hole in the ground with a conical shape approximately as deep as half a meter or less.

  • Place the container at the end of the excavation to survive on dessert.

  • Put a plastic sheet over it and let the ballast stones on the plastic that closes the container. Plastic should not be wide apart. It should be close enough to form a cone. Well, wait a while then the moisture will be accumulated under the plastic. After that, the moisture falls and flow into the container underneath.

  • The water can be drunk directly and you can collect it as much as possible.

At nightfall, the temperature of the desert gets very cold. Therefore, make a fire to keep warm. If there is no dry wood or objects to make a fire to survive on dessert, you can cover yourself with sand by landfill body with sand. It is because in addition to incite the body, the sand also withstands moisture evaporation into the air within the body. Wear clothes that minimize the loss of sweat. A huge loss of body fluids is through sweating. Cover as much skin as possible with loose and light clothing. This will trap sweat on the skin, slow down the evaporation and the loss of fluid. For this reason, you should probably wear a dress made of cotton than attractive fabric perspiration.

Bring plenty of water for extra drinking. Whenever you start up to survive on dessert, bring more water than you expect. While walking in the sun and heat with a temperature of 40ºC, the average person loses sweat as much as 900 mL per hour. In an emergency, you will surely be grateful for any water that you carry. Take a trip in the evening. In the circumstances survival in the desert, you will not want to drive around during the day. Cooler night air allows you to travel farther and faster with the danger of fatigue due to heat. In hot weather, this decision will save the body fluids approximately three liters per day to survive on dessert. Hang in the shelter during the day. Hang a strong emergency blanket over the cable. Put some brush on a blanket, cover with the other emergency blanket.