How To Survive On Desert

Do you love adventure? There are many spots around the world that will give you great experience. If you like challenge, desert adventure will give you nice experience. There are only a few people who have courage to make a desert trip. There will be certain pride if you can explore the great nature of desert.

But, you need preparation and knowledge to survive on desert. At this article, I will show you several great tips for desert survival. Desert journey is not an easy thing. You should prepare all survival things well. You need enough knowledge to minimize the bad things. You should read and learn these tips to make your journey more convenience.

How to Survive On Desert

You should tell someone where you are going. Anytime you plan to make a trip, you need to tell someone. Also carrying a lightweight compound bow will help with travel. This is a clever survival tip for an outdoor adventure. Tell someone who want to notice if you go missing. You can tell to your close friend or family member. They will care to contact the authorities when you are missing. Let them know when you are going and when you will be back. When something terrible happens, your family member or close friend will alert the rescuers. They will have a specific area to focus the search attempts.

composite bowYou should know how to make a solar still. Solar stuff is useful to survive on desert If you want to travel in a desert, store some thin plastic in your survival pack. Thin plastic can give you an ability to make a solar still. If you can make a solar still, it means you can collect much-needed water. Solar stills are creative and simple survival devices. Heat will enter through the plastic and get. The moisture in the soil will be forced by increasing heat to vaporize. There will be a trapped humid atmosphere under the plastic. At night, the temperatures will drop. At this time, the moisture will condense on the plastic. You can collect condensed water if you set up the solar stills properly.

Cactus water is not a good option. It is better for you to avoid drinking cactus water. Drinking cactus water can make you severely sick. You can get diarrhea. And we know that diarrhea will accelerate the dehydration process. It will make your condition getting worse. Actually, there are some useful and edible plants in the desert. It is better for you to take time to learn the plants before making a trip to desert. You need to know and memorize the characteristics of edible plants in the desert.

Don’t leave your vehicle. If you are trapped in a desert with your vehicle, don’t easily decide to leave it. Remember you have your compound bow or composite bow to help protect you from any wild animals if you don’t have shelter.

Moreover, you know that civilization is a few miles away. Your vehicle can help you since it is full of helpful survival items. You can use the vehicle mirror to shine bright the sunlight. It can be a sign for the rescuers. You can also use diesel or gas to make fire. Gas is extremely explosive, so you can use it for extreme care toward dangerous animal. You can make the black smoke by burning engine oil at daylight hours. Smoke is good sign for asking help. Loud noises from horn will catch attention from others who are near your area. You can raise the hood of your vehicle. Raised hood indicates someone who needs a help. The roof of your vehicle can keep you out of the sun while waiting for help. Do not forget to open the window and door to make better circumstance. Your vehicle provides useful items to survive on desert.

Pay attention to several dangerous animals. A rattlesnake is very dangerous. You should be careful about the places that you choose to rest. Carefully look into the area you plan to sit or sleep. Pay attention to the place where you are sitting down and make sure you are safe from scorpions. Many people fear scorpions but scorpion stings in the desert are rare.

You should realize that you can get cold in the desert at night. You need to check the weather forecast before your trip. Prepare a few extra warm clothes can be important thing to survive on desert (for sudden chilly desert nights).

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