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Crucial Things To Survive On Desert

In Saudi Arabia, many people are wearing hoods and robes. This loose fitting clothing is appropriate choice in desert area. It will keep your body cool, especially when walking and sweaty. Black robe is considered as the best outfits for traveling through a hot desert. We can learn from an ethnic group of Arabic desert nomads, Bedouin. They wear black clothing to survive on desert.

Previously, you may don’t understand why the Bedouin wear the layers of black clothing. The condition on desert area is very hot. It can reach 49o C with no shade. Their tents are also black. You may think that white color reflects the sunlight. Yes, you are right. But, it will also reflect a body heat right back to the body.

On the other hand, black color will absorb sunlight, but it will also absorb your body heat. The average Bedouin lives with one liter of water a day. Bedouin are protecting their body from ultraviolet and keeping their moisture with their black clothing.

Finally, for a loose robe and hood, black is the better color than white to wear in the desert.

Crucial Things To Survive On Desert

You need to have a black robe if you want to make on foot journey across a desert. You can choose a robe that is made of wool. Where do you get the black robe? You can get the black robe for your extreme survival in some Arabic stores and suppliers. You can fold the robe and take it in your pack. When the condition is getting hot, you should put the robe. If you cannot find thick black robe, you can use light-colored and lightweight clothes to survive. The Bedouin make their clothing from the wool of goats, sheep, and camels to survive on desert. At night, they pull the clothing tightly to the body. Wool clothing can maintain a body warm at night in the desert. During the day, the wool clothing should be worn loosely to allow the air. The air will flow easily and keep a body cool during the daytime.

You need to make a research before you get on the desert area. You can talk to geologists, ranchers, wildlife offices, and people who know the area. Ask them if there are any underground springs near the surface anywhere. Mark the spot on your map. You should also study the terrain and vegetation on your maps. The lines of green vegetation may indicate a dry stream.

A trail across a hot desert is dangerous. You should be careful in every step. The weather and terrain may kill you if you do not have enough preparation. If you plan on crossing a desert, you should be prepared well. The failure of your plan can easily end your life. Sometimes, you may find high wind. Dust and sand can be whipped up. This condition may make you nearly impossible to see. Your lips and your face can become chapped. Dust and sand can fill your nose, so you will be difficult to breathe. In this condition, you can try to be like Bedouin. The Bedouin will pull their hoods forward and cover their faces when there is high wind. You can do that to protect your face. You can also use a bandanna or shirt to cover your face. You just need to leave a small shade of space for your eyes. You can also put Ski goggles into your survival pack. This item can play an important role in the desert. It is not only protecting you from snowfall. It can also protect your eyes from sand and dust.

Water is a supreme priority when you will be anywhere near the desert. The best sources of fresh water are stream and spring. But, they may be hard to find in vast stretches of desert. The available streams may be underground. Water can be so rare and deserts are dry and so hot. You may find lakes in the desert. But they may have high salt content. The water should be distilled first to remove any salt. When drinking water in the desert, you need to take a long drink. Take longer drink rather than sipped the water to survive on desert. Taking sips of water in the desert that has very hot temperatures is not enough to hydrate your internal organs and your brain. This case can lead to death.

When the desert is too hot during the day, it would be best to make a journey at night. It is good idea to survive on desert. At night, the temperature will drop. You need to build a small desert shelter early in the morning to take a rest during the hot day in the desert. Give a small opening at the top and at the bottom for air to regulate. You should build a shelter nearby the hill. If you want to minimize the physical work, search for boulders, outcroppings, or ledges that can work as natural walls. You just need to use a poncho as a roof.