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Survive on Dessert by Collecting Water

Desert Survival

When driving or walking across the desert, the road looks endless. There is nothing at all for many kilometers. There is nothing except desert plants, dry sand, and hot temperatures. If your car is damaged, and you find yourself stuck in the desert, learn how to conserve water and survive until someone saves you from the stuck. The desert is one of the most dangerous places on earth because the heat and the sun keep the body hydrated so your metabolism comes into chaos and leads to death. Death is often caused by dehydration. Besides, the desert is cold at night. As we know, we can survive on dessert without food for three months, but you cannot survive without water more than one week. Therefore, what would we do if we run out of water in the desert?

In fact God has provided water in all parts of this earth. The difference is, there is readily available water and there are scarce. Here are tips to get water in the desert.

  1. If we are stranded along the camel, let the camel to take control of the direction being taken. It is because usually camels have a strong instinct to find water

  2. If you do not find water while the water supply has been exhausted to survive on dessert, it is absolutely necessary to kill a camel. It is because the camel has a reserve of water, so it can help us to survive much longer.

  3. If we are stranded in the desert and there are cactuses, we could take water from the cactus. However, you have to be careful with thorns.

  4. If we are stranded without a camel and there is no cactus, then do the following tricks to get water.

  • Create a hole in the ground with a conical shape approximately as deep as half a meter or less.

  • Place the container at the end of the excavation to survive on dessert.

  • Put a plastic sheet over it and let the ballast stones on the plastic that closes the container. Plastic should not be wide apart. It should be close enough to form a cone. Well, wait a while then the moisture will be accumulated under the plastic. After that, the moisture falls and flow into the container underneath.

  • The water can be drunk directly and you can collect it as much as possible.

At nightfall, the temperature of the desert gets very cold. Therefore, make a fire to keep warm. If there is no dry wood or objects to make a fire to survive on dessert, you can cover yourself with sand by landfill body with sand. It is because in addition to incite the body, the sand also withstands moisture evaporation into the air within the body. Wear clothes that minimize the loss of sweat. A huge loss of body fluids is through sweating. Cover as much skin as possible with loose and light clothing. This will trap sweat on the skin, slow down the evaporation and the loss of fluid. For this reason, you should probably wear a dress made of cotton than attractive fabric perspiration.

Bring plenty of water for extra drinking. Whenever you start up to survive on dessert, bring more water than you expect. While walking in the sun and heat with a temperature of 40ÂșC, the average person loses sweat as much as 900 mL per hour. In an emergency, you will surely be grateful for any water that you carry. Take a trip in the evening. In the circumstances survival in the desert, you will not want to drive around during the day. Cooler night air allows you to travel farther and faster with the danger of fatigue due to heat. In hot weather, this decision will save the body fluids approximately three liters per day to survive on dessert. Hang in the shelter during the day. Hang a strong emergency blanket over the cable. Put some brush on a blanket, cover with the other emergency blanket.