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The Important Lifesaving Tips To Survive On Desert

Do you want to make a trip on desert? You need to read this article to find important things when making a desert trip. You should know how to survive on desert. The first important thing is you should not forget to share your plans. You should leave some information to your close friend or family member, like the route and destination, communication methods, type of emergency supplies, traveling companions, your vehicle description, and your potential health issues. Do not change your plans without telling someone. Leaving a map and telling the time you expect to come back is also important.

Important Desert Lifesaving Tips

Do not hinge on your mobile phone. Your mobile phones do not always work well in isolated areas. You need to check your service provider to confirm the coverage areas. It is better for you to load the apps that can help you in an emergency. You can bring power bank to charge the battery. You can also consider renting or buying a satellite phone. Satellite phone is also known as satphone. It is a mobile phone that can directly communicate with orbiting satellites. It has a large telescopic antenna. This device can work better than cell phone. To get a reliable connection, it may need a wide-ranging view of the sky. There are 2 satellite networks that cover the United States, Iridium and Globestar. You can use a ham radio as alternative option. Ham radio is able to work from extremely remote locations. But, it needs a government license, training and informed gear selection.

Buying a PLB (personal locator beacon) is also nice idea to survive on desert. This device can be used when all tools fail. Personal locator beacon is small transmitter. You can send a tailored emergency distress signal to the close rescue service. It is very effective and globally recognized as a way of calling for help. But, it should be used only in serious situations.

You should make sure that your vehicle is appropriate for desert terrain. Your vehicle should have offroad capability to make easier trip. You should be skilled to drive an off-road vehicle in hard terrain. Offroad driving needs proper vehicle and skill to handle the rough areas. Several problems in dessert come from a vehicle that breaks down because of ill repair. Check your vehicle and ensure that it is in good condition. Check the hoses, spare fan belts, spare tire, extra water, extra gas, and oil. Do not forget to bring extra fuel.

Prepare enough food and water for each people who are traveling with you. Recommended measure is a gallon for each person each day. Certainly, more water is better. If it is not used, you can drink it at your home. But, if you do not have adequate water to drink on your trip, it can be a problem. Soda is not a good option to drink since it can easily dehydrate person drinking it. When your water is limited, you should keep close your mouth. You should limit our activity. Do not drink soda or alcohol, smoke, talk, or eat salty food. Do not forget to prepare enough first aid supplies. Bring more medication than less. Prepare regular medicine and specific medicine that needed.

If you get trapped, you need to stay with your vehicle. Staying with your vehicle can help you get the help from others. You can be detected easily from the air if you are staying with your vehicle. Moreover, you can use the part of your vehicle to ask for help. You can use hubcaps, mirrors, hood, light, oil, gas, and battery to survive on desert. You can raise the trunk and hood to show distress. You can also use the floor mat to layer the ground. You can leave your vehicle if you are sure about your location and the route. When leaving your vehicle, do not forget to leave a note. Give information about yourself, the time you left, and the route that you plan.